Human Resources

Why Paradigm Human Resource?



  • Avails a full employee profile.

  • Provides a complete Employees attendance tracking records.

  • Avails an employee accrual leaves and requests.

  • Avails public holidays and employee vacations.

  • Payroll management module allows you to automate payroll calculations for wages, bonuses, and other forms of compensation.

  • Generating full customized reports.


School can manage Human Resource in:

Employee Profile

General Information, Health Information, Contact Details,Academic Details and MOE Job Details

HR Attendance

Attendance Entry using Finger Print Machines, Assign Shifts, Daily, and Monthly Attendance Reports and
Manage attendance records and excuses  

Leave Management

Leave Entry, Leave Requisition/Approval/Rejection, Leave Compensation & Utilization, Leave and Holidays type details, Employees vacation categories, Employees vacation categories and Manage employee vacation balances

Payroll Process & Settlement

Payroll Period definitions, Manage payroll groups, Salary Components, Bonus, Loans, Payroll processing and Settlement.